As we quickly approach a new era of technology, we need to remember and pay respect to the important changes we have seen over the last few years. In this article we are going to explore some of the light speed changes we are seeing in the technology space and highlight some of key standout players of the upcoming industries.

Digital Content:
Depending on your age, some of you may or may not remember regularly walking through the aisles of a Blockbuster. Think back, when you were searching for the perfect movie or game, but this choice had to satisfy everyone’s tastes for the entire week. That all changed when big players like Netflix, Apple, and Google started providing digital content.
Netflix shocked the world with streaming movies. It killed brick and mortar stores, with a tremendous amount of fresh content and partnerships with content providers. People will never have to buy physical copies of shows and movies again.
Apple did the unbelievable. They put media players in the form of phones in the majority of Americans. Although many competitors are catching up, Apple’s App Store is undoubtedly the industry goldmine. The games you never imagined are available at your fingertips. Movies, news, and everything else can all be accessible right from your pocket.
Google is quickly scaring competitors. They offer a wide line of Android phones, as well as a quickly growing Google Play Store. The giant has many solutions for consumers and publishers. Specifically, they offer the largest search engine on the web, the largest video player on the web, and the most popular advertising network around. This brings us to our second point, social media.

Social Media:
Social media has connected people together more than ever. Some even say it has connected people together too much. Let’s take a look at the companies who has transformed the way people communicate.
Facebook has become the behemoth of social networking. Websites now use Facebook as login purposes, at the back end, Facebook probably has more information on you than you know about yourself.
How many interesting things can you fit into 140 characters? That question was almost half of the allowed characters on Twitter. They are ramping up business and becoming a major player in advertising solutions for everyday people.
Instagram has perfected the pictures you can take from your phone. When they introduced photo filters on pictures, the mobile community adopted this app faster than anything ever seen before. Now, after just releasing Instagram Videos, we are going to see a whole new form of video and advertising, for FREE.
LinkedIn has transformed your professional network. Everything employers need to see can be easily and professionally displayed on a separate social page for you.

eCommerce Shopping:
Last but not least we have seen major trends turn to eCommerce Shopping. Large industry players are relying more on online shopping than ever before. With rising gas prices and lazy consumers, it’s a good thing you can buy almost anything online nowadays. This industry connects the social and digital aspects we have just talked about. Who are some of the industry leaders and emerging players?
Amazon has made it possible for anyone to buy almost anything from anywhere. That’s a mouthful. This eCommerce site has become a giant in the online shopping industry. You can find anything from toothpaste to a real life tank on

Not all shops are created equally; smaller picks are better sometimes to find better picks at a better price. This brings me to my last point.

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Times are changing quickly; remember to keep up with the latest trends before you fall behind!

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